Antibody Production Service


Stable supply of your high quality monoclonal antibodies:

  • 100 mg to 10 g purified mAb
  • stable cell line at fixed cost


Our Services:


Depending on your needs, we can

  • start from small amounts of your antibody: we do de novo sequencing of the protein
  • start from your hybridoma: we do cDNA sequencing
  • start from the antibody sequence you provide

We then apply our BESTcellTM technology to generate stable CHO clones expressing your antibody within 5 weeks, and offer the supply of high quality monoclonal antibody from 100 mg to 10 g.


We also offer the transfer of the characterized high yield BESTcellTM CHO clone at any time for commercial IVD and research use.



Please contact us or meet us at a conference.